10 Idioms every week – Idioms with Dog


1.  Dog eat dog

Ruthlessly acquisitive or competitive (in  business )Cạnh tranh khốc liệtIn this company, it’s dog eat dog do you must be hard-working .

2.       Sick as a dog

Very sickỐm nặng, bệnh nặngI got wet and was sick as a dog because of the heavy rain .

3.       Rain cats and dogs

To rain very heavilyMưa tầm tã ,mưa như trút nướcIt has rained cats and dogs for 3 days.

4.       Go to the dogs

To decline or deteriorateSa cơ lỡ vận, xuống dốc, sa sút.This company has gone to the dog since last year.

5.       Every dog has its day

Everyone will have his chance or turn, everyone will get what he deserves

Everyone has good luck or success at some point of their life ( saying )

Sông có khúc, người có lúc.“Don`t worry, Every dog has his day and he will succeed after coming over all the dificulties.

6.       The top dog

the most important person in an organizationNhân vật hàng đầuShe is the top dog in our company.

7.       Dog’s life

A miserable, unhappy existenceCuộc sống bất hạnh, cơ cực, khốn khổThe man is leading a dog’s life since he lose his job.

8.       Let sleeping dogs lie

To avoid restarting or rekindling and old argument; to leave disagreements in the past. 

Đừng làm to chuyện hay khơi dậy chuyện đã qua trong quá khứ để tránh gây tranh cãi, rắc rối


You should let sleeping dogs lie and don’t ask about her mistake.

9.       See a man about a dog

Used as an excuse for leaving without giving the real reasonNhư lời xin lỗi vì phải đi bất chợt mà không tiện nói rõ lí do  ( thường dùng khi đi toilet hay mua đồ uống )I’ve just got to see a man about a dog. I’ll be back in a minute

10.   In the doghouse

In a situation of being the object of someone’s anger of disapprovalGặp rắc rối, làm người khác giận giữ, ghét bỏ.The children is in the doghouse with the teacher because don’t finish their homework.

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